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Welcome to Squirrel Entertainment
We  are  have nuts!

Welcome to Squirrel Entertainment

Screenshot: Driving in your fully automated Google Car Simulator 


Discover our games here.

All of our games are for free and
without commercials or in-app purchases.

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Screenshot: Auto Click (ver. 1.0).exe 

Office Solutions

Clever office solutions for an effective work.

we are working on small clever tools
to simplify the everyday work and
speed it up.

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Screenshot: BikeNav bicycle navigation project (Fritzing IDE) 


Open Source Hardware

We develop hardware as Open Source projects.
These projects are for reproduction or for further use
in your own developments.

Please read the further information on our
hardware page.

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Screenshot: 3D Layer Builder 

Other Products

Other Software & Tools

We also offer additional tools and products
outside of the areas above.
A main theme at this section
is the picture editing of video game graphics.

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