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Other Products

Screenshot: 3D Layer Builder v2.0 

3D Layer Builder v2.0

This picture editing software is for loading up multiple 3D Objects in one frame, arrange them and export them as single 2D Images. These Images are e.g. perfect background images for usage in games (e.g. Adventures). Here a significant performance growth over real 3D graphics can be achieved, this can be crucial especially on mobile platforms.

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Screenshot: Isometric Building Creator 

Isometric Building Creator

The "Isometric Building Creator" (previously MHHouse Builder) Software can be used for easy creation of 2D buildings / objects in a 2-dimensional parallel view. Therefore, also large areas can be explored with a game character without causing any optical distortions.

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Foto: Bachelor exam - Demonstrator 

Bachelor Exam

With this I want to make my 2013 written exam for my study of 'Technical Computer Science / Embedded Systems' public.

In the exam, the subject 'Haptic Display - research, modeling and construction of a 3D demonstrator' will be described and documented.

Info: The documentation is only available in German.

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