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Counter Strike - Clay Highschool
2007 - Beta Version

Counter Strike - Clay Highschool

Clay OS - Map

The map includes the rear part of the school with the classrooms of the seventh to tenth grades, the chemical and physic laboratories and the classrooms of the eleventh to thirteenth grades in the first floor. The outside area includes already all benches, table tennis plates, the basketball area and all lamps.

This project has to be stopped since autumn 2007 (actual version was 1.2 alpha for the Source Engine) because of the allegation of a planned terroristic act against the school. After the 'very professional' way of handling this allegation from the headmaster of school, who was more interested in getting a hero in the yellow press or something similar, I had to stop all future activities on this project. After this 'disagreement' with the school and the police, and with the time unfortunately all newer data of the project get lost. So only the first Version of the map is ready for Download here (Counter Strike 1.6 or earlier required).

Download (*.zip)